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A byproduct of the environment

A side effect of medical treatment

An externality of a costive moment

A means that justifies an end

A tool used every now and then

A follower or a leader

A student or a teacher

A congregation or a preacher

There’s two sides to each coin

Which side would you like to join?

Heads or tails

Freedom or jail

It’s that real

In the field

Called life before death

When people share breathe

All throughout the atmosphere

Whether vague or clear, biased or fair, single or pair, frequent or rare

To catch the meaning behind the number 22

Without knowledge to understand the rules

Temp is ether warm or cool

Stay awake and don’t fall asleep like the fool

Who thought he was swimming but was really drowning down the pool

A drugged up puddle of drool from meds prescribed at the school

Full of indoctrination and miseducation.