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After taking 3 political views test from 3 different websites, I came to the conclusion that there are 2 ends to the political spectrum and no in between. It’s either you’re far left or far right. However, I (on the other hand) don’t always align with conservatives/Republicans or liberals/Democrats on each and every issue. Here’s the breakdown of some political views I do hold right now today (10/10/2016):

Black market drugs: for decriminalization/legalization

Gay marriage: not against it

Abortion: pro-choice

Gun control: enforce laws in existence

Close borders: no

Standardized education: no

Universal health care: no

Felons right to vote: yes

Environmental regulations: moderate

Military affairs: non-interventionist

Banking & Economics: decentralized

Welfare benefits: yes

Term limits: yes

-by tkansahjr 10/10/2016



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