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vote-image1_jpegYes, I’m just thinking out loud about not being a fan of Democrats or Republicans. But I still went out and voted anyway. However, I didn’t vote for Clinton or Trump. So that’s a loss vote for them. I guess it’s more of a symbolical statement that not everybody has to vote for mainstream candidates. There are alternatives and I chose to go that route and pleased with it. Although I know that the electoral college is going to be the ultimate decision maker for all of those that did or did not vote, but regardless of it all, I participated as a member of the citizenry. I got the chance to see other items on the ballot that I voted yay or nay for my state and my district. But I would like to point out that I don’t trust these voting machines and wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a little hiccup here and there because technology can malfunction as you know. So I guess we’ll just wait and see. It’s probably going to be an interesting outcome to say the least.

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