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“Achieve Your Core Purpose

in Life Today.”

Tony K Ansah, Jr is a self-published author & social entrepreneur who strives to live a life full of social impact & financial independence for himself and others.

Tony was recently recognized for his community engagement efforts and contributions to the African community locally and globally by the African Scholars Forum at UMass Boston – McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies.

Tony has written and published articles/blogs about socioeconomic topics that have received international recognition by SDG Philanthropy Platform and Alliance Magazine. He is also a self-published author of several books via poems, quotes, nonfiction, and fiction. Tony is contributing writer and editor for national publications with a global audience, which are Face2Face Africa, Modern Ghana, Center Africa Broadcasting Network Corporation (CABNC TV), The African Magazine, Alliance Magazine, and the list goes on.

Tony spent 2 years studying abroad at the University of Ghana for undergrad and has a Bachelor’s in General Studies (B.G.S.) from Univ. of Idaho and Master’s in Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Kaplan Univ. Before and after obtaining these degrees, he worked and still works within the nonprofit sector in various positions, such as volunteer, intern, mentor, supervisor, administrator, trainer, human rights officer, manager, executive officer, sponsor, and advisor.

Besides his formal work experience, Tony is also the founder of Ansah Africa, an online donation platform that connects donors in the U.S. with nonprofits in Ghana to solve global problems related to women, kids, elderly, entrepreneurs, and so on. In addition, he does volunteer work for 2 organizations in Rhode Island, USA, which are Citizen Wellness and Advocacy Foundation and George Wiley Center as well as 3 organizations in Massachusetts, USA, which are African Coalition, African Bridge Network, and Africans in Boston.

Tony was born and raised in Rhode Island, USA as a first-generation Ghanaian-American. As a child, he did everything from playing basketball to riding bicycles with his peers. Tony also sold candies, traded sport’s cards, and recycled soda cans throughout his adolescence years. Before graduating senior high school, he worked in factories as a seasonal employee and helped his parents at their convenience store as a part-time employee. These experiences helped to shape great work ethic in Tony. Overall, he strives to live a life full of social impact & financial independence for himself and others.

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