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There is an African owned technology and mobile application/web development company based in United States and Sierra Leone called Techfrica. Through its app developer side of brand called Appsfrica, they have launched an app store to fill the void of Africans not having their own app store.

It is called Appsfrica App Store, a place to showcase millions of African and African Diaspora developers and their apps. Store also allows developers to sell their app or offer it for a free download. Developers can choose a service they offer to showcase their app. They can have their own dedicated landing page instead of getting their own website.

The Appsfrica app store also offers other features for mobile app design and development including app promotion and marketing.

Prior to this valuable app, the Techfrica brand has had a rather unique history. In 2015, they decided to take a leap of faith and launched their technology company and mobile app company.

Shortly afterwards, they started working on their first app to bring not only their African radio program but similar radio stations and artist music to a larger audience. Thus, audiofrica was born, which is one of the select few music apps for both Continental Africa, Caribbean and African Diaspora to download and stream content.

In 2019, Techfrica had some mobile apps to launch, which were a ride sharing (Ridefrica/Drivefrica), video sharing (Videofrica), films/movies streaming (Filmfrica), text messaging (Supfrica), and so on in the USA and Africa, respectively. In 2020, child educational app (abcfrica) was launched. They will continue to offer mobile apps and web designs as a service to clients as well as provide a shared collaborative workspace (Collabfrica) that meets the social and financial needs of the African Diaspora and other ethnicities soon.

As 2020 continues and 2021 is soon to come, we are living in some exciting times for African Technology, especially for mobile apps. There is now a home and destination for African developers and their apps, which is Appsfrica. From Africa to the African Diaspora, you and your app can now showcase, promote, connect, collaborate, and possibly earn income. Cheers to the changemaker!


Tony K Ansah, Jr., M.P.A. is a self-published author and a social entrepreneur based in Rhode Island, U.S.A. He has written and published several books and content via poems, quotes, fiction, non-fiction, blogs, and articles.

His new book, Diary of a Ghanaian Diaspora Entrepreneur 3.0 can be found in text @ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0871PJN4C & audio @ http://www.audiofrica.com/set/12-d-g-d-e-progress-revolving-around-african-business-innovations.

Tony has also received national & international recognition from Face2Face Africa, Modern Ghana, The African, Ghana News Online, SDG Philanthropy Platform and Alliance Magazine (just to name a few) for his articles about African business, culture, and philanthropy.

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