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From above the skylines, I, a higher power, see men in the womb nine months ahead of time. Way before everybody else because last night I envisioned a female with a protruding midsection. Could it be Immaculate Conception? I guess we’ll have to see through the temple of education as the world goes through its natural rotation and progression sort of like lifetime evolution. We are able to draw conclusions via analysis and critical thought. A person, a human being, and a woman has the opportunity to experience life inside and outside of their body. So this lady I dreamt about appears to be walking around with pounds of weight in her stomach area. But it’s hard to tell whether that stems from her diet or the nature of man. Now I could approach her and ask whether she is pregnant, but we share no relation. We aren’t associates of any kind. So I must use my mind to formulate and answer as if I was doing a mathematical equation or a scientific evaluation. But then again who am I to judge someone who is of a different gender than I. In addition, I am not a medical doctor or an expert in the field of birth. I am merely a man and bearer of seeds that can be planted at any time, place and location. So long as there is fertile soil and sufficient water, I have the opportunity to produce vegetables or fruits. Now, this lady I’ve been dreaming about also has an opportunity to produce offspring in the form of a boy.

Her son, Tony, was born and raised as a Ghanaian-American in Rhode Island, U.S.A. From a very young age, he was exposed to entrepreneurship and business ownership by Mom [Linda] and Dad [Anthony]. His parents had a West African convenient store for several years. They sold everything from kenkey, banku, powdered fufu, yam, gari to palm oil. This was where, at age eight, Tony started to sell candies, mostly to adolescents. Basically, he would buy candies wholesale and sell them for retail. Tony then saved some of his profit and put the rest back into the childhood business.

A couple of years later, he began collecting recycled cans and bringing them to recycle centers to get cash in return. Around the same time, Tony would buy basketball cards and later sell some of them to enthusiasts. Down the road, he helped his parents with their office-cleaning business.

As a teenager and an eighties baby of Hip Hop and Hi-Life music, Tony found himself writing lyrics about life and society in his bedroom. Those sketched rhymes would become self-published books during his adulthood years.

When Tony got old enough to work at his parents’ store, he did a lot of money transfer transactions from Africans abroad to Africans back home. It was through these exchanges that Tony realized how much financial support Africans offered family, relatives, and friends. But little did he know that this would later come back around in a circle. By default, Tony became part of this interconnected and somewhat intertwined world of the African Diaspora and Continental Africa. Tony is and forever will be a descendant of Ghanaians born outside the land of their mother, but stay well connected to cultural roots through divine intervention. The end…

Written by Tony Kwame Ansah Jr

Copyright 2018