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Reviewed by Tony Kwame Ansah, Jr


I read a lot of content and material everyday. It’s been awhile since I read a book from front to back. Within a couple of days, I read another book and added to my portfolio of thought provoking information. The author is named Emmanuel Nyame and his book is titled RISE ABOVE: INTERVENTIONS of BUSINESS and SOCIAL IMPACT. I must say that I genuinely enjoyed reading this piece of work from beginning to end. The parts that stood out to me most were Emmanuel talking about his childhood days in Ghana and the trails and tribulation he went through that helped to shape and mold him to be the best version of himself. He experienced losses and failures but was able overcome such challenges to win and be victorious. I particularly liked the fact that Emmanuel placed emphasis on humans being resourceful and starting off small with their endeavors in life, especially for those in the entrepreneur landscape. Speaking from personal experience, entrepreneurship is a gamble and leads to a scramble to make money fast, but it’s best to be cautious doing risky business. His perspective on building a sustainable startup model was great to read and learn from altogether. I recommend that new and old entrepreneurs give this book a read because they’ll surely benefit from the wealth of knowledge Emmanuel cooked for them to eat and digest. I’ll end by saying that there’s no surprise this book is ranked the #1 new release in urban and regional economics. Kudos to Emmanuel Nyame!


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