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Handiwork by Tony Kwame Ansah, Jr


From adolescence noise to adult silence, man has evolved. As I reverse down memory lane, there stands a little boy speaking lots of profanity. Fast forward to today and there’s not a sound of vulgarity. My sanity got the best of me to eliminate negativity. Not saying its wrong to speak foul, but chickens do come home to roost. Watch your mouth is what the elders would say back in the day when lollipops changed color of native tongues. Son of man has now matured past youthful ages to be a living sage for children of the corn. Men tour on ships to sail on accolades not yet born. Brainstorm for a sunny day to come shed light on steps to walk more and talk less. Lessons and failure are great teachers and professors to study from the true testaments of life. I was once told by an Asante Man that there are doers and there are thinkers. Those that do stand their grounds and execute. But those that think too much sit around on mute. Time for me to walk that walk and do by any means necessary. Save the talking for later and think outside the box!

Inspired by the DIARY OF A GHANAIAN DIASPORA ENTREPRENEUR: Extended Version 2.0