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Reviewed by Tony Kwame Ansah, Jr


I might be behind schedule on this book review, but let me pay it forward. Before I dive in, my backstory is I found out about an organization called Pencils of Promise a few months ago. They build schools for underprivileged kids in developing countries and have built some in Ghana where my ancestry originates. The original founder is named Adam Braun and he wrote a book called THE PROMISE OF A PENCIL: How an Ordinary Person Can Create an Extraordinary Change. I’m glad that I finally had a chance to read this book. It showed and proved you & I can set our minds to do something impactful regardless of adversity. Just continue to stay on course and be determined to meet and exceed goals that people see as impossible and make them possible, especially when others help to support the vision through the bad an ugly. Adam’s idea and plan to build one school to honor his grandmother has now built hundreds of schools as well as educated and employed many worldwide. It’s interesting that a kid in India wanted to have a pencil as a worldly possession and spawned this big cause out of Adam. Although he dealt with a lot of challenges and obstacles along his journey to achieving success, Adam stayed true to his core mission of being a for purpose driven leader and changemaker in global education for children in elementary/primary school levels. Very inspiring story to say the least. Salute to Adam Braun!


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