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Podcast interview excerpt by Tony Kwame Ansah Jr 9/15/2018

To both young & old ladies and gentlemen, here are some words of advice to find your purpose in life for today & tomorrow. During a recent podcast interview, I said that it’s best to start off your dreams and aspirations at a small scale and work your way towards them and be dedicated, committed and consistent in going beyond talking about it and actually taking action to execute on your word(s). A lot of times we have thoughts in our mind that stay on standby and no activity takes place and nothing gets done. We often regret not being able to pursue our goals or dreams in life. It’s best to take baby steps before you run the marathon in this life. Sometimes we might be in a rush for the end result. Meanwhile, we fail to get our hands dirty and do the work/put in the work that’ll lead us to being successful in attaining our goal(s). You can’t put the pieces to the puzzle all at once. As a child we play with puzzles, one by one you got to put the pieces to the puzzle together in order to complete the puzzle. Therefore, there’s a process to everything we do and you’re going to come across some obstacles, some hurtles, and some failures, but you just got to keep pushing and keep striving until you’re able to reach the finish line of the marathon. To hear more about this topic of conversation, please go to: https://www.ahnansi.com/podcast/2018/9/15/the-entrepreneur-series-episode-5-the-process. Enjoy!