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Almost every single day there’s an innovator/innovation or an inventor/invention coming out of Africa. Within the many African creators/creations in existence, there are some worth highlighting and shedding light on. The following are 10 of them that were written and spoken about for April 2019. Enjoy African innovations at their finest!

The African Digital Asset Framework (ADAF) has released the first Pan-African blockchain standard of guidelines for entrepreneurs, consumers, & policymakers in Africa & the Diaspora to follow within ecosystem. This framework has been registered in Kenya. ADAF is helping to bring more power and control of blockchain applications into to the hands of African descendants throughout the world.


Kobo360 is a logistics platform that links supply of trucks with demand of transport by cargo owners and has the first bidding tool for drivers and consumers to assess price of trip before selection, which is not found on other transport apps. This platform was founded in Nigeria. Their way of doing logistics is helping to make trucks and transportation more efficient and less complicated in Africa.


Kudi is a startup that enables underbanked and unbanked locals to access money transfers, bill payments, and cash withdrawals via its agent network. Soon, they plan to become a “digital bank.” This payment facilitator was founded in Nigeria. Their financial services are helping to provide easier access to the banking sector in Africa.


GoBeba is a new logistics app and e-commerce platform that to allow locals (consumers & small businesses) to purchase goods online and have them delivered to their homes and workplaces within 1 hour. This online platform recently launched in Kenya. Their way of doing logistics is helping to make shopping for goods more convenient and less problematic in Africa.


Bongajum Lesley had the vision to create a bike, Bonga Power Bike, that converts mechanical energy from pedaling it to electrical energy, which can then be used to light up rural areas in African countries. This innovation was founded in Cameroon. The Bonga Power Bike will help with transportation, health, and electricity in Africa. FULL ARTICLE HERE:



Bitpeza is using blockchain technology to provide remittance payment services. This fintech startup is based in Nigeria. Their blockchain is helping to solve the remittance payments challenge of costive fees in Sub-Saharan Africa.


CoachMe connects certified coaches with individuals and organizations who need services in education, finance, health, etc. This online platform was established in Nigeria. Their coaching app is helping people to find coaches in a simple way and is the first of its kind in Africa.


Westcape.co allows locals to buy household appliances, electronic gadgets, other items and pay for them later by way of monthly installments until paid in full. This digital platform resides in Ghana. Their e-commerce business is helping consumers to purchase expensive products through an affordable payment plan in Africa.


Sawa Minerals uses smart contracts to enable a transparent process of buying and selling precious metals, gemstones, and crystals from African countries. This blockchain platform is in Kenya. Their decentralized app is helping to do mining business in an open and safe manner and is the first of its kind in Africa.


Lifti is a ride sharing app that links car owners with passengers. This peer-to-peer transportation service was established in South Africa. Their ride sharing platform is helping people from the same area, traveling in the same direction, and at the same time to find short or long-distance rides to work or home, etc. in Africa.


Well, those were the African innovations for April 2019! May is coming soon… #AfricanInnovators!

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