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By Tony Kwame Ansah, Jr


On July 26th of 2019, I (Tony Kwame Ansah, Jr or T.A.) had the pleasure of interviewing Shadrack Frimpong (S.F.). A Ghanaian young man who is the founder and C.E.O. of Cocoa360, a community-based initiative in Ghana that uses proceeds from cocoa farms to run health clinic and tuition free schools for girls.

He is the winner of the following accolades: President’s Engagement Prize Winner 2015, YACE Award 2016, CocaCola Young Achiever 2017, Queen’s Young Leader Award Winner 2018, Forbes 30 Under 30 2018, Richard J. Estes Global Citizenship Award 2019, Muhammad Ali Award 2019, and many more.

The purpose of our conversation was to talk about his personal development as an entrepreneur. Although there’s a saying “to not mix business with pleasure,” our persona influences risk we take as humans, especially for those willing to create a social enterprise that helps farmers, families, and females to live a prosperous, healthy and literate life like Shadrack Frimpong.


Without any further or due, the following is the short summary of our full interview.

Read now and be inspired!

T.A.: What would you do without getting anything in return for it, such as money?

S.F.: Already doing it via Cocoa360. I’m currently not on salary.

T.A.: What gives you tremendous joy in life?

S.F.: To live for the glory of God.

T.A.: What is something you would do every day if you could or something you can’t survive without doing it every day?

S.F.: Prayer! Pray 3 times a day. Relationship with God allows me to lead. The rest takes care of itself.

T.A.: What is your strong Why for the passions you have?

S.F.: My upbringing from living on the cocoa farm and experiencing poverty first-hand as a child has been the driving force behind everything that I do.

T.A.: What is your special gift or talent that people compliment you on?

S.F.: I’m a good communicator & convincer. That is, I possess exceptional communication skills.

T.A.: What’s 1 strength and 1 weakness that you have?

S.F.: Lack of patience is a weakness of mine. Micromanagement is another weakness because leadership requires an understanding that people work at their own speed. My strength is being apologetic to others.

T.A.: What is 1 future goal or 1 upcoming goal that you have right now?

S.F.: I try to take it 1 day at a time. I’m currently studying public health to lead the next phase of Cocoa360.

T.A.: What are your action plans to make these goals possible?

S.F.: The major plan is to work hard at school. To soak in enough knowledge as possible.

T.A.: Do you believe in accountability?

S.F.: Yes, it’s very huge.

T.A.: How will you assess your progress?

S.F.: As I look back over the years, we’ve made a lot of amazing progress within 2 years as a team at Cocoa360.


It was great having a conversation with you brother. Until we speak again, stay blessed, stay strong, peace be unto you, later.

Listen now to our full podcast interview with Shadrack Frimpong.


Connect with Shadrack here:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sfrimpong/





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