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Every day, week, and month there’s a startup or business founder coming out of Africa to discover.

Within the many entrepreneurs, there are some worth highlighting and shedding light on.

The following are 10 of them (in no specific order) that were written and spoken about highly during 2019.

Enjoy African progressive development, progressive innovations, and progressive solutions at their finest!  

BONGAJUM LESLEY NDZI is a Cameroonian young man who has built a prototype gym bike to solve issues with health and electricity in Cameroon and elsewhere. His Bonga Power Bike converts mechanical energy from pedaling it to electrical energy, which can then be used to light up rural areas in African countries.

Bongajum is also the winner of the NEXT GEN in the Franchising Global Competition, the GAIA AgTech Innovation Challenge, and most recently the 2019 African Youth Energy Innovation award.


JOAN NALUBEGA is a Ugandan young lady who spearheaded and co-founded a mosquito repellent soap to combat malaria in Uganda and elsewhere. Her social enterprise, Uganics, produces and sells mosquito repellent soaps, which also has organic essential oils, including olive oil, coconut oil, lavender and citronella, among other natural ingredients.

Joan is also the 2nd runner-up winner of Anzisha Prize 2018.

TAMINANG SEARCH is a Cameroonian man who founded a transformative organization which has impacted the lives of many young Cameroonians via entrepreneurial training programs. His social enterprise, Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM), provides Annual Fellowships, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, children support programs, school clubs, and a lot more.

Taminang is also an award-winning social entrepreneur, civic leader, transformative writer, global mentor with the Mentor African Project (MAP), and an expert in entrepreneurship & business development.

HASSAN BAKARR, SR. is a Sierra Leonean man who founded an African technology and mobile application/web development company. His startup company, Techfrica, is based in Boston, MA of USA and has many products and services to offer and sell online and in-person, such as music streaming, ride sharing, video sharing, films/movies streaming, text messaging, collaborative workspace, and so on in the USA and Africa respectively.

Hassan is also an award-winning African Diaspora figure for his trendsetting work with African night clubs in 1998, The African Radio Show in 2005, African Radio Online in 2006, Appsfrica company in 2015, audiofrica in 2017, and so forth.

LUVUYO NDIKI is a South African young man who is responsible for the 1st 3D biodegradable cup printer in South Africa. His Red Cup Village is using 3D printing to manufacture drinking cups that are made from sugarcane and cornstarch.

Luvuyo is also FNB Business Innovation Awards 2019 Finalist and the former Chief Creative Director of Cash hop XVI that provides world-class commercial production services via audio & video for leading global brands.


CHIDI NWAOGU & CHIKA NWAOGU are Nigerian young men who co-founded a digital publishing platform that allows African authors and artist to publish their content everywhere books and music are sold online free of charge. Publiseer allows Africans of various talents to publish, promote, protect and monetize their body of work to the masses in Africa and elsewhere.

Chidi & Chika are also collective winners of the Bizz Business Excellence Award 2019, Startup World Cup Nigeria Regionals 2019, and ITU Innovation Challenges 2019.

SERGE ZAMBLÉ & FRED ZAMBLÉ are Ivorian young men who co-founded an online platform that allows internet users and companies to financially support small farmers in African countries via voucher system. Their voucher system, Seekewa, is helping to support and encourage agricultural entrepreneurship throughout Continental Africa.

Serge & Fred are also collective winners of MEST Africa Challenge 2019.

SHADRACK FRIMPONG is a Ghanaian young man who founded a community-based initiative in Ghana that uses proceeds from cocoa farms to run health clinic and tuition free schools for girls. His social enterprise, Cocoa360, model helps farmers, families, and females to live a prosperous, healthy and literate life.

Shadrack is also the winner of the President’s Engagement Prize 2015, YACE Award 2016, CocaCola Young Achiever 2017, Queen’s Young Leader Award 2018, Forbes 30 Under 30 2018, Richard J. Estes Global Citizenship Award 2019, Muhammad Ali Award 2019, and many more.


Well, those were MY TOP 10 AFRICAN ENTREPRENEURS FOR 2019! Watch out for MY TOP 10 AFRICAN INNOVATIONS FOR 2019 coming very soon… #AfricanInnovators!























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