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By Tony Kwame Ansah, Jr.


I was born and raised to do better than those who came before my birthday on planet earth. Therefore, I shall talk less and let these proceeding words shower supreme knowledge over the masses who descend from original melanin. Here is a piece of my mind state retrieved from my latest diary, D.G.D.E.: Progress Revolving Around African Business Innovations, installment… Be blessed and enjoy!!!

There are pivotal moments in our lives that lead us to exploring and finding a passion and purpose. For me, it came through watching a couple of compelling movies, Malcolm X and Slam. Through these movies, I discovered and developed a new interest to read, learn and write more about my history, culture, heritage, tradition, etc. as a Ghanaian born in America.

Prior to this moment, I was not interested in such activities. Before I realized, I became an avid reader, a student of world history and politics, and began to write poetry any chance I got. I read a lot of books and wrote a lot of poems for about 10 years religiously. I later challenged myself to get my poems published by a traditional book company. However, I stumbled across some do-it-yourself ways to self-publish. I took my many years of creative writing with a passion and turned them into a book to share with the public.

I even designed my own website from scratch to showcase my poetry catalogue to the world. I did all of this out of pure love for the art of expressing myself through written words. It was and is always self-therapeutic to me. Thus, I did not need money to do it back then nor do I need it even now.

After self-publishing several books of poetry for personal enjoyment and pleasure, I searched for a purpose to write my true story to an audience of readers and listeners. I decided to write a diary about my experience as a social entrepreneur who was looking to attain positive impact and financial independence for myself and others as well.

Through writing this diary, I have been able to discover more about myself and connect with others on a personal and emotional level. I am still evolving and undergoing self-discover today, but I have a good idea and sense of where I would like to be a few years from now and beyond. It is a daily commitment and sacrifice that I have made to work every day I can, to see my vision manifest soon. The end goal is to help others find a purpose to attain social impact and financial independence. Once I can help others achieve these goals successfully, then I have accomplished my purpose in life and contributed value for the next generation to benefit from. AMEN!!!


Tony K Ansah, Jr., M.P.A. is a self-published author and a social entrepreneur based in Rhode Island, U.S.A. He has written and published several books and content via poems, quotes, fiction, non-fiction, blogs, and articles. Tony has received national & international recognition from Face2Face Africa, Modern Ghana, The African, Ghana News Online, SDG Philanthropy Platform and Alliance Magazine (just to name a few) for his articles about African business, culture, and philanthropy.

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